Fourth grade play-to-learn days


They decided to use origami as a way into fractions.

Back in October we were getting ready to start a new unit in math- or maybe it was a new section of a unit. We had spent some time exploring arrays and how they are one model for multiplication. It felt to me as if kids understood this, but in a very school-y sort of way. They could dutifully draw an array to represent 13 X 7, but then would not actually ever use arrays to help solve any problems. I guess it felt like arrays fell under the category of “stuff the teacher wants me to do,” and not, as I had hoped, “stuff that can help me,” or even, dare I dream, “stuff I think is cool.” I was ready to move on anyway, chalking this up to generational disconnect. “They’ll think arrays are cool when they’re old,” I told myself.
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