Poetry Day 10- Making Music


Morgan counts syllables as she composes a haiku.

After day 9, we had Spring Break for 10 whole days! Which is also equal to a third of Poetry Month. That’s a lot of time out of the middle of a unit, but we’re back.

We reviewed what we had learned before the break, and I showed them some of their own exemplars on a new bulletin board.


Today we explored the idea of music in poetry. Not literal music, but the ways that poems can sound. I first asked the class for their ideas about what gives poems a sense of music. They mentioned rhyme and rhythm, and thought there might be more than that. We read (and listened to) a couple of poems together and tried to figure out how they got their music- what ‘instruments’ poets use, if I can extend the metaphor a bit further. We read First Flight, by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, and The Coin, by Carl Sandburg.

We listed what we noticed (apologies for the blur):



Kids then went and explored their own possible musical instruments.


Alexis decided to work with an earlier draft of this shape shifter poem.


First she rewrote it with more purposeful line breaks. Then she took the last couple of lines (left of the gutter) and played a bit more with the line breaks.


She read it aloud several times and decided on the music that best matched her poem.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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