Poetry Day 9- One Topic Many Ways

Excited by hearing back from Amy about our efforts, Alexis and Sammy decided to explore topics across several different poems. Watching them do this, and conferring with them as a partnership, has enlightened me about ways to guide children in exploring everything poetry can do. When topic is not a variable, it becomes easier for young writers (at least these two), to see how other variables can work in a poem- sounds, mood, rhythm, speed, quiet, imagery, etc. It suddenly becomes more concrete that all of these things work to support their meaning, and that meaning is really separate from topic.



Sammy uses her notebook to explore the significance of these cookies. (PEPpercocker. I had to ask)


She wonders how repetition will affect a poem.


Can shape and rhythm work together here?
Pepercaker pepercaker pepercaker Bite


The sense of play she brings to this is getting me thinking…

Alexis started with a sparrow, but discovered that her mother was the muse she wanted to stick with for awhile.



I feel like Alexis’s not-quite-fluency with English is a gift in this unit. She is such a risk taker with her words.


Here she turns to figurative language, looking for not just precise words but precise metaphors.


Alexis really takes to the idea that a simple or familiar image can carry so much meaning.


Complicated relationship.

Only a day before Spring Break. When we come back on the 23rd, I think we’ll play with sounds a little bit.

One thought on “Poetry Day 9- One Topic Many Ways

  1. Oh, wow! What a joy to find these poems all-on-one-topic. I am wondering how this experience was for you. Of course I am drooling over the pepperkaker (was an exchange student in Denmark where we ate something much like this, maybe the same) and would ask for more too. Such a perfect repeating line. Sammy – that bite cracked me up! You use specific techniques so carefully and well. And as a mother, I am wowed by the beauty of the love for mother shown in these poems, Alexis. The concept of how much time it takes to get certain things from certain things and then ending with the depth and security of love is beautiful. “Equal to five hundred lords.” Wow. Thank you both for allowing us to read these. Again, I do welcome you to The Poem Farm too, should you wish to share in an additional blog space. Happy last week of Poetry Month! (I am late on today’s poem and just writing it now…) 😉

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