Poetry Day 8- Through the Poet’s Lens


I almost missed this. I found it while flipping through notebooks at lunch.

On Tuesday we talked about what it feels like to sit with a piece of writing and work, really apply effort, to find the most honest, precise, exactly-right word for what you need to say. Finding these words is what makes some images sear themselves into our minds’ eyes, or identify so closely with a feeling, though we might not share the experience, or delight in a new way of seeing something.

Kids tried this out, along with other ideas and strategies, over the next few days.


Anthony takes a stab at finding more precise language to describe fun. It’s an attempt he knows he wants to try again.


The strategy seems to work better for him after another draft.



Isa plays with precise language in her poemdraft about sunrise.


Aly tried here to be more specific about how “exciting” looks and feels to her at recess.


Daniela squeezed as much as she could into a couple of pages! She didn’t know I keep a stack of extra notebooks in case one gets finished in class and the writer needs another one RIGHT THEN!
She’s really exploring precision of language!

After spending a couple of days being more deliberate about choosing words, and more willing to cross things out and try again, I wanted to focus a bit on Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s poetry month challenge of writing a lot of poems on one topic. Not everyone wanted to do this, which was perfectly fine with me.

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