Poetry Day 1- Post-test relaxation reading

Today was day one of the NYS ELA test, which has particularly hight stakes for NYC fourth graders. They have to APPLY to middle school. While many middle schools are moving over to an admissions method that holds a student’s body of work more valuable than their fourth grade test scores, most have not yet made that change.

I saw Chris Lehman‘s tweet and post about a possible poetic antidote to the testing season blues, and…


So today I put out a bunch of books and invited students to explore, peruse, examine, and otherwise investigate the variety. We just had a quiet and relaxing time. Tomorrow we’ll talk a bit more about what we’re noticing and wondering. I’m not exactly sure where we’ll go next, but I’ll have the resource with which I’m most familiar:


And hopefully the occasional virtual author visit from poet and coauthor extraordinaire, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.

Some other resources that will help us immerse ourselves in poetry are…





One thought on “Poetry Day 1- Post-test relaxation reading

  1. Halooooo, Fourth Grade Writers! Greetings from (almost springy) upstate! I send you this note to invite you to my crazy (THRIFT STORE!) poetry project at The Poem Farm, and also to invite you to write some of your own poems to share on my site if you wish. There are so many classrooms out there exploring poetry this month, and I hope that you might be interested in sharing your words and work with me and with other young writers as the month rolls on. Poetry helps me explore some of my secret and mysterious rooms…and I never know what I’ll find when I begin writing. Poetry is a spirit lifter, a chocolate cupcake, a caterpillar wiggling his way across a country lane… Who knows what you will find? Many warm wishes and a hug too, Amy xo

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